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Food & Nutrition

Healthy children are happy children

At Ashfield House we believe that healthy children are happy children. That is why our on-site chef uses the finest ingredients to provide nutritionally balanced menus with no added salt or sugar for all our children.

Our menus get changed twice a year and are based around seasonal fruit and vegetables ensuring children get the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. Menus are displayed in the nursery.

Delicious and nutritious

We have a three weekly menu rota. We follow the guidance from Annabel Karmel MBE in our menu planning ensuring that all food served is both delicious and nutritious and aim to introduce a wide range of foods in a no-fuss way so that your child will be able to try something new to eat on a regular basis.

All of our food is nut free and we are able to cater for all dietary requirements and food allergies.

Our Menus

These menus have been designed to be packed full of nutrition , whilst keeping a variety of different foods.

The Menus have been written to break up and space out foods of a similar nature as best as possible, in an attempt to add more fun to meal times through the variety.

Please click on the link below to view our menus –

Ashfield House – Spring-Summer 2024

Food Hygiene Rating

Here are the links below for our Food Hygiene Rating, we are very proud that both settings keep up to the highest standard.

Stewart Close – Food Hygiene Rating

Norman Lane – Food Hygiene Rating

Eating together

Our meal times are social occasions with children eating together and sharing an important part of their day.

Snacks usually include fresh fruit or raw vegetables with milk or water being served as an accompanying drink. In addition fresh drinking water is available to children throughout the day.